Overview of the work of operators with a configured program

Operators use a program that is preconfigured for processing certain types of document. Document processing is the same for all document types and includes the following stages:

  1. Adding images
    Adding document page images is easiest after you have configured import profiles. You can also add images by scanning or loading them from files.
  2. Starting the recognition process
    Recognition is an automatic process: the program identifies the Document Definition based on the location of static elements preconfigured in Definitions, applies the Document Definition, and recognizes data in the fields specified in the Document Definition. Before starting the recognition process, you can analyze documents or their pages and apply the relevant Document Definition to the image.
  3. Verification
    Verification the process of checking data is the most labor-intensive part of the Operator's work. It comprises:
  4. Data export
    Export is performed at the click of a button according to export settings configured in the Document Definition. You can also export data to a file or database without using the export settings of a Document Definition.
    Select the Delete documents after export option (on the Export Destinations tab of the Project → Project Properties... menu) to automatically delete documents after export.

Note: For the documents to be processed automatically, use the following settings:

  • Create an import profile to import images automatically.
  • Select the Recognize added images automatically option on the Document Processing tab of the Tools → Options... menu
  • On the Workflow tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box, select the  Skip verification and data verification if percentage of characters that need verification is equal or less than option.
  • On the Export Destinations tab in the Document Definition properties select the Enable auto export option to export document automatically.
  • Select the Delete documents after export option, to automatically delete documents after export.

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