Field verification

Field verification is a verification mode intended for effective correction of errors of "well-recognized" fields, i.e. fields whose range of values is known or can be easily identified. An example of such a field is the country or city name. To decide how to correct a field, the user needs only to view this field and to know its range of values. Both input errors and field format errors can be corrected.

To correct incorrectly recognized characters, you can use standard modes of text editors: Character paste and replace modes you can switch between the two modes by pressing the Insert button on the keyboard.

The user reviews recognition result of each field in a sequence, correcting it if required and confirming them by clicking the Confirm Field button or pressing Enter.

You need to correct values in the fields. If you want to skip the field without correcting or confirming it, click the Postpone Field button or using Ctrl+Enter shortcut. The field will be marked as unverified and sent to the next stage according to workflow settings.

You can activate the field display mode. To this end, click the Page image for field link in the bottom of the page or use the Ctrl+Alt+I shortcut. Then you can select the image scale in the Image zoom list. Clicking the link or pressing the shortcut repeatedly will hide the field. You can also activate the field display mode for analogous fields of other documents. For this, click the Analogous fields link or use Ctrl+Alt+F shortcut.

You can switch between color and black&white mode by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C or click the Settings button and select the Show color page images option.

By default the checkmark groups are verified in a single-value selection mode. If you need to use editing mode which has been chosen, click the Settings link and then select the Preserve selection mode for checkmark groups option.

You can navigate through processed fields using and buttons in the bottom right corner of the page or Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ shortcuts.

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