Verification consists in checking that the data have been recognized, pages have been assembled into documents correctly, and rules returned no errors. Verification is done on the Operator Station.

To start the verification process, click Run Verification.... First comes group verification, followed by fields verification. If a Document Definition contains no fields included in group or field verification, the corresponding verification stage is skipped.

When creating a Document Definition, you need to configure the document assembly rule: sequence and number of page repetitions. You can also configure assembly verification based on the values of key fields: in this case the values of key fields must be identical on all pages of the document. Pages are assembled into documents automatically in the recognition stage. In the verification stage you need to correct possible document assembly errors for multipage documents. Documents with assembly errors are marked by the following symbol . A description of the error is provided in red letters below the name of the Document Definition. In the event of a mismatch of the values of key fields, the relevant message will appear and the values will be highlighted in red. Assembly errors can be corrected most easily in page outline mode, where a good view of page images and the different documents to which they belong are realized.

During group verification, groups of identically recognized characters are submitted for verification. The task of the Operator is to identify differing characters that have been recognized incorrectly. They then correct their values, after viewing the image of the field containing this character. If it is impossible to correct characters, you can mark them as questionable.

During field verification, fields with a known range of values are submitted for verification. The task of the Operator is to check uncertainly recognized characters within the context of the entire field. Field verification has two modes: a single field view mode with cuttings of characters and a multiple same-type fields view mode.

Verification is also performed in the document window which opens when you double-click the name of a document or page. The document window does not display separate fields but only the entire document. It also shows all uncertainly recognized characters, rule errors, etc.

Unfulfilled rules and format errors affecting one field are flagged with a yellow flag icon (warning) or a red flag icon (error). Warnings and errors generated by rules that effect several fields are flagged with the and icons respectively. The Operator needs to check fields with errors and, if possible, correct their values. Documents with errors can be verified later by comparing them with hardcopy documents or other available sources. To run verification of rule errors, click the arrow to the right of the button and select the menu item Recheck Rules. If rules can be fulfilled after you have corrected field values, flags will be removed.

The icon is also used to indicate instances when fields from FlexiLayouts could not be applied. An Operator can manually specify regions for such fields on the document image.

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