Sample reports

You can download the following sample reports that can be built using the collected data:

  • Summary report provides information about the total number of documents processed with ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 and the number of documents processed straight-through.
  • Verification Reasons report provide details about the most common types of errors in documents that required verification: fields required verification, business rules violations and document structure errors.
  • Fields Errors report allows you to determine the most common types of errors in fields that required verification.
  • Field Extraction report provides information about manual verification effort (amount of corrected fields) and about fields that required the most verification.
  • Business Rule Violation report provides information about the most common business rule errors.
  • Document Assembly Errors report provides information about the most common document assembly errors.
  • Page Classification report provides statistics for misclassified pages.
  • Document Classification report provides statistics for misclassified documents.

The sample reports contain information obtained by processing a certain number of sample documents. To populate these reports with actual data, follow these steps:

  1. Install and configure the ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Reporting service.
  2. Process some documents.
  3. Open the file with the required report in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Click Data on the menu bar.
  5. Select Manage Data Model.
  6. On the Get External Data drop-down menu, click Existing Connections.
  7. In the Existing Connections dialog box, locate the PowerPivot Data Connections section, select fc_stat, and click Edit.
  8. In the Edit Connection dialog box, click Build and enter the following information that is required in order to connect to the Reporting Database connection:
        • On the Provider tab, select SQL Server native Client;
        • Select the appropriate SQL server and database;
        • Test the connection and save the changes.
  1. In the Existing Connections dialog box, click Refresh.
  2. To refresh all the data in the report, click Data on the menu bar and then click Refresh All.

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