Contains information about document processing events at the given stage.

Diagram of relationships between Document editing details

List of columns

Key Name Type Required Description
PK DocumentProcessedDate date yes The date when the document's status changed to "Processed."
ID bigint yes Entry identifier.
DocumentId bigint yes Document identifier. Corresponds to the entry identifier in the Document table.
BeginDate datetime yes The date and time when the document arrived at the given processing stage.
EndDate datetime yes The date and time when the document was sent to the next stage.
EditingSecondsCount int yes The total time (in seconds) spent on editing the document at the given stage.
HasAssemblingErrors bit yes Whether the document has assembly errors.
HasFieldsForVerification bit yes Whether the document has fields that require verification.
HasRulesErrors bit yes Whether the document has rule errors.
Operator nvarchar yes The name of the user.
OperatorID int no User identifier.
ProcessingOrder smallint yes The sequential number corresponding to the current state of the document (i.e. the state of its fields, its current processing stage, etc.). Each time the document is modified, a new record is created to reflect its "change of state" and the ProcessingOrder counter increments by 1.
StageName nvarchar yes The name of the processing stage.
StageType int yes The base type of a processing stage. For a predefined processing stage, it is identical to the processing stage type. For a custom processing stage, it corresponds to the predefined stage type that was used as a template to create the custom processing stage.

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