Automatic database cleanup

The latest version of the ABBYY FlexiCapture Reporting Service supports automatic database cleanup. To purge outdated records, the database is partitioned and then certain partitions are truncated. The value of one partition is set to one month. The service will periodically check if there are any partitions (i.e. months) to truncate and initiate the cleanup process where appropriate. The database cleanup feature is enabled by default. All database cleanup events will be logged.

Data retention times and other cleanup parameters can be specified in the "AppSettings" section of the appsettings.json file (the default location of this file is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FlexiCapture12Reporting\). You can specify the following parameters:

  • CheckPartitionsPeriodSec - How often the service should check for outdated partitions (in seconds). The default value is 6 hours. If this parameter is set to 0, no cleanup will be done.
  • ReservedPartitionsCountMonths - The number of partitions to reserve. The default value is 6. When the database is first created, partitions will be reserved for the current month and for the 6 months following the current month.
  • DataStorageIntervalMonth - How long the data should be retained (in months, including the current month). The default value is 2. No data will be deleted from the active partition currently accepting data.

12.04.2024 18:16:02

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