Reporting service data access

The Reporting service can also export some of the data so that the statistics are available to the users who don't have access to the reporting database itself. This option will be helpful:

  • If your configuration has multiple tenants and you'd like to allow each of them to retrieve only their own statistics.
  • When you're working with FlexiCapture Cloud, which doesn't allow access to the reporting database.

Important! Be sure to install the optional Reporting Service data access component when installing the Reporting Service.

Starting from FlexiCapture 12 Release 4 Update 2, data is collected in the Reporting Service database using the Worker Service, which is part of the Reading Service.

How Reporting Service data access works

The service regularly exports the reporting data into CSV tables, organized in a zip archive for each day. Set the time between exports in the RunTenantsDataGenerationPeriodSec value in the appsettings.json file. If you haven't changed this setting, the service will export the new data each 4 hours.

During each day the export may happen several times, so the data archive for this day will still be changing. If you're running a regular analysis, it's best to get the data for the days that already ended: previous day and older.

Retrieve the reporting data from the archives and pass it on to the business analytics tool you're using. You have two options to collect the data: directly access the archives in a local folder or use REST API requests. This second choice is also available for FlexiCapture Cloud users.

The archives you download via REST API are the same ones you copy from the local folder. Just choose the method that can best be integrated into your solution.

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