Introducing ABBYY Mobile Capture

Welcome to ABBYY Mobile Capture.

ABBYY Mobile Capture is a software development kit that provides flexible methods of mobile data capture. The Mobile Capture SDK will automatically capture the image for further back-end processing or recognize the data from the document in real-time on the mobile device, requiring minimal interaction from the user.

Key features:

The ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK can power your applications with:

Out-of-the-box image capture: Easily add image capture with UI components by utilizing our API, to automatically capture the best quality image suitable for OCR for further back-end processing.

Automatic document detection: Detects document boundaries, crops and corrects perspective.

On device OCR: Automatically recognizes text from a static image or on the smartphones’ camera preview screen from video stream by simply pointing the camera on the document or object.  

Customizable data capture: Extract any specific data from a document by setting a regular expression describing the required content. Capture machine-readable zones (MRZ) or international bank account numbers (IBAN) by simply applying predefined profiles.

Out-of-the-box document capture: Easily add ready-made functionality to extract important fields from specific documents: passports, IDs, driver licenses, bank cards and others.

Ready-to-use business card reading: Allows automatic and convenient extraction of contact data from business cards by simply pointing the camera at the card to use within your mobile CRM or lead management app or for customer onboarding.

Out-of-the-box image capture scenario: Implement image capture by adding just a few lines of code to your app, using API that can draw UI, handle phone camera and perform image capture.

Translation: Provides built-in translation dictionaries; word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase.


  • Increase your customer retention rates: Provide your customers with a seamless customer experience with a friendly mobile onboarding solution, meeting customers in their preferred channel with accurate results and minimal steps for the end user.
  • Get ahead of the competition: Provide a better customer experience by minimizing the efforts by the end user to capture and deliver data within the onboarding experience with seamless accurate back-end integration to process the required information.
  • Optimize your development resources: Easily integrate a pre-built comprehensive mobile capture solution into your mobile application.

9/10/2020 6:34:48 PM