You can easily use ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK features in apps based on the Ionic framework. Image Capture, Text Capture and Data Capture features are available as complete scenarios, including user interface implementation. Core API methods for low-level single image processing, such as data extraction, text recognition, images export, etc., can be simply integrated into your projects.

To implement your apps in Ionic, use the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK Cordova Plugin. See the Getting started section of this manual to investigate how to use the Cordova plugin in your Ionic project and  the corresponding  Mobile Capture SDK Cordova Plugin documentation for detailed API description.

To integrate ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK features to your Ionic project, the ABBYY Mobile Capture assets and a license file are required. You can request ABBYY Mobile Capture trial version on the ABBYY website.

More information about the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK native library usage details is available in the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK Developer's Guide found in the library packages.

9/10/2020 6:34:48 PM