How to capture documents using ABBYY FlexiCapture Mobile Client

Connection and sending settings

To send images to FlexiCapture, you will need to set up a connection with the Application Server (see FlexiCapture Server Setup for details). Without a connection, you will only be able to photograph documents and preprocess the images (but you will still be able to set up a connection and send the images at any time).

To connect to the Application Server, you will need to specify:

  • The URL of the server
  • The name of your company (tenant)
  • A user name and a password

To send documents, you will first need to specify the project and batch type to which you want to send them. If most of the documents you want to send have the same document type, you can also specify their document type (the document type of each document can be specified later, so this step is optional). If you send documents without assigning a document type, it will be assigned when the documents are processed on the server.

If you forget to specify any required settings, you will be prompted to do so when you try to send the documents.

How to capture documents

Take a picture of the first page of a document. You can improve the image using in-app tools: rotate and crop it, apply color filters or convert it to black-and-white to reduce its size.

Note: To automatically crop each image, enable the Enable automatic cropping option in the app's settings.

Next, save the page image. If you are photographing a multi-page document, open the document's menu, tap Add, and repeat the steps above for each page.

Optionally, you can select the document's type. If you don't, it's document type will be set to the default Unidentified document type when the document is sent and determined when a Document Definition is applied to it on the server.

Tap the Send button to send the document to ABBYY FlexiCapture. If you forget to specify any required settings, you will be prompted to do so. To avoid specifying the same settings over and over, you can save the settings you used as defaults.

Documents that have been sent have the Sent status in the document list. Documents that have not been sent have the Not sent yet status and are marked in red, making them easy to spot in the list.

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