Configuring registration parameters

To configure registration parameters for the FlexiCapture mobile client, an Administrator should create a json file with the description of parameters and place it in the storage of project files.

An Administrator must do the following:

• Find the ID of a FlexiCapture project that will be used to process documents from the mobile client

• Find the relevant folder in the file storage, for example, D:\FileStorage\7F7C83FB-7153-4985-A6BE-43BD242D466B\ProjectName, where GUID is stored in the settings table of the database

• The name of the json file must look as follows: 3-1-ProjectData0 where an Administrator must replace the second digit with the project ID

The example above contains the following element:

  • «3» - a predefined prefix (means that the file is related to the project)
  • «1» - a project ID (must be replaced)
  • «ProjectData» - a predefined name
  • «0» - a file version

Note: You don't have to specify the extension.

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