XML Result

XML Result is an XML file created by ABBYY FineReader Server when the job has been executed. This file contains information about the job processing parameters and the job execution result. This file can be published together with output files.

XML Result structure is nearly identical to the structure of the XmlResult object in the Open API. Most object properties have corresponding XML attributes, and the objects themselves have corresponding XML elements. Enumeration constants are specified without prefixes, for example:

RTFSynthesisMode = "RTFPlainText"

You can see an XML scheme for an XML Result in the XmlResult.xsd file which can be found in the Bin subfolder of the ABBYY FineReader Server folder.

ABBYY FineReader Server first puts output images and recognition results to the Output Folder, and then creates an XML Result. This means that the appearance of an XML Result in the Output Folder can be used as an indication that the job has been completed.

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