XmlResult Object (COM-based API)

This object represents the parameters and results of processing a job.

Name Type Description
BarcodeText String, read-only The property is retained for backward compatibility. For getting the text of the separation barcode, use the BarcodeText property of the JobDocument object.
ExportParams ExportParams, read-only Returns the export parameters
Id String, read-only Returns the unique ID of the job.
IndexingUserName String The name of the user that performed the indexing.
IndexingUserNameRestrictions IStringsCollection, read-only If not empty, specifies the user names of users who are allowed to index documents in this job.
InputFiles InputFiles, read-only Returns the collection of image files and processing results.
JobDocuments JobDocuments, read-only Returns the collection of job documents.
IsFailed Boolean, read-only If an error occurred during processing, this property will be set to TRUE.
LoadedFrom String, read-only Returns the path to the file from which the object was initialized. The path may be empty if the file was deleted by Open API, e.g. if the file should not be published in compliance with the settings.
Messages JobMessages A list of errors, warnings, and information messages for the job.
Name String, read-only Returns the name of XML Result, which coincides with the name of the XML Ticket that was used for recognition.
OcrTimeout Long, read-only Returns the recognition time limit for a job in milliseconds. If the job processing time exceeds the limit, the job is discarded. If the value of this property is 0, no time limit was used.
PreprocessingParams PreprocessingParams, read-only Returns the image processing parameters.
Priority PriorityEnum, read-only Returns the priority of the job.
RecognitionParams RecognitionParams, read-only Returns the recognition parameters.
Statistics Statistics, read-only Returns the job processing statistics.
Type JobTypeEnum The type of the job.
UserProperty String, read-only Returns the user-defined string which is specified the UserProperty property of the XmlTicket object.
VerificationUserName String The name of the user that performed the verification.
VerificationUserNameRestrictions IStringsCollection, read-only If not empty, specifies the user names of users who are allowed to verify documents in this job.
Name Description
LoadFromFile Restores the contents of the object from a file on disk.

Saves the contents of the object into an XML file on disk.

Note. If a folder for the XML Result file is specified in the Remote Administration Console (on the Output tab of the Workflow Properties dialog box), the XML file will be saved to that folder and the folder specified in this method will be ignored.

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XML Result description.

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