XMLExportSettings Object (Web Services API)

This object provides functionality for configuring the export of recognized text to XML format. The XMLExportSettings object is a child object of the OutputFormatSettings object and inherits all its properties. You can see an XML scheme for an XML Document in the ExportToXml.xsd file which can be found in the Bin subfolder of the ABBYY FineReader Server folder. Also, see the Document XML Scheme and XML scheme representation for details.

Name Type Description
PagesPerFile Integer

Specifies the maximum number of pages to be included in one file.

If the value is set to 0, all document pages will be saved to one file.

WriteCharactersFormatting Boolean Specifies whether character formatting (e.g. font size, font style) is to be written to files in XML format.
WriteCharAttributes Boolean Specifies whether character attributes (e.g. character coordinates)  are to be written to files in XML format.
WriteExtendedCharAttributes Boolean Specifies whether extended attributes (e.g. whether a character was recognized uncertainly, whether the word was found in the dictionary) are to be written to files in XML format.
WriteNonDeskewedCoordinates Boolean Specifies whether character coordinates written to files in XML format are coordinates on a non-deskewed image plane.

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