WorkflowStatistics (Web Services API)

This object contains statistics for all the processed files in a workflow.

Name Type Description
WorkflowName String The name of the workflow.
WorkflowInputType WorkflowInputType The workflow type.
WorkflowPriority PriorityEnum The default workflow priority.
WorkflowState WorkflowStateEnum The state of the workflow.
FromDate DateTime The date when the collection of statistics began.
ProcessedPageCount Long The number of processed A4 pages.
ProcessedGothicPageCount Long The number of processed Gothic-font pages.
DuplicateGroupCount Long The number of duplicate file groups. For example, three copies of file A and two copies of file B make five files in total, but only two groups.
DuplicateFileStatistics SpecialFileStatistics Statistics for duplicate files.
LargeFileConstraint Long The size (in bytes) beyond which a file is considered to be oversized.
LargeFileStatistics SpecialFileStatistics Statistics for oversized files.
OutdatedFileConstraint DateTime The earliest "last modified" date beyond which a file is considered to be outdated.
OutdatedFileStatistics SpecialFileStatistics Statistics for outdated files.
RunStatistics RunStatistics Workflow statistics by job.

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