GetJobResultEx Method of WebService Object (Web Services API)

This method allows you to get the XML-formatted result of a successfully completed or failed job that was previously started in asynchronous mode using the StartProcessFile or the StartProcessTicket method. You can also configure the behavior of this method.

C# Syntax

XmlResult GetJobResultEx(
 string serverLocation,
 string jobId,
 string resultLocation
 JobResultOptions options



This parameter contains the DNS name of the server or its IP address.


This parameter contains the unique ID (GUID) of the job that was previously created in asynchronous mode.

resultLocation *  

This parameter contains the complete path to the folder where the output files will be saved.


A set of flags that you can use to configure the behavior of the method. You can pass one or more JobResultOptions flags or 0.

*  Optional parameter.

Return Value


An XmlResult variable that receives the XmlResult object or null if the job has either not yet been processed or has not been found.

See also

WebService, Deleting processed jobs.

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