XmlTicket Object (Web Services API)

This object represents the processing parameters of one job. It can be created by using the CreateTicket method of the WebService object based on one workflow from the list returned by the WebService::GetWorkflows method.

Name Type Description
Attributes DocumentAttributes Stores the DocumentAttributes object, where you can set document attributes.
ExportParams ExportParams Stores the ExportParams object, where you can set export parameters.
IndexingUserNameRestrictions String[ ] If not empty, specifies the user names of users who are allowed to index documents in this job.
InputFiles InputFile[ ] Stores the image set.
Name String Stores the name of XML Ticket, which will be used when saving the results.
PreprocessingParams PreprocessingParams Stores the PreprocessingParams object, where you can set image processing parameters.
Priority PriorityEnum Sets the priority of the job.
RecognitionParams RecognitionParams Stores the RecognitionParams object, where you can set recognition parameters.
UserProperty String Stores any user-defined string. The string is passed to the UserProperty property of the XmlResult object.
VerificationUserNameRestrictions String[ ] If not empty, specifies the user names of users who are allowed to verify documents in this job.
IsTemporary Boolean If set to TRUE, specifies that the results of the job must be deleted automatically when the job expires. This property is set to FALSE by default for backward compatibility.
By default, if a job is deleted automatically 24 hours after its processing results were last accessed, its output files will be stored in the output folder and will not be deleted (see Deleting processed jobs). If you do not results to be stored on the server after processing by means of the API, it is recommended that this parameter be always set to TRUE.

Input parameter

The XmlTicket object is the input parameter of the WebService::StartProcessTicket method.

Output parameter

The XmlTicket object is the output parameter of the WebService::CreateTicket method.

See also

XmlResult, XML Ticket description.

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