JobLogRecord Object (Web Services API)

This object provides information about a log record for a job.


Name Type Description
Id Long The ID of the record in the job log. Note. This ID is not the same as the job ID
Name String Job name.
UserName String User name (e.g. the sender name when processing an e-mail message, "LOCAL SERVICE" or "unknown").
Priority PriorityEnum The priority of the job.
Subfolder String If the job is received from a subfolder, this field will contain the name of the subfolder.
InputFiles String[ ] An array of the input file names.
OutputFiles String[ ] An array of the output file names.
Date DateTime The time and date when the job was completed.
TotalDuration Double The total time that the job spent on the server after it was placed in the queue (in seconds).
ProcessingDuration Double The actual time it took to process the job (in seconds).
IsFailed Bool Specifies whether the job failed or not.
IsProcessingSkipped Bool Specifies whether the job files were moved to the output or exceptions folder without processing.
Messages JobMessage[ ] An array of the messages (errors, warnings, etc.) issued during processing.
Statistics Statistics Job processing statistics.
WorkflowName String Workflow name.
WorkflowInputType WorkflowInputType Workflow type.

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