TextExportSettings Object (Web Services API)

This object provides functionality for configuring the export of recognized text to TXT format. The TextExportSettings object is a child object of the OutputFormatSettings object and inherits all its properties.

Name Type Description
CodePage CodePageEnum This property specifies the code page to which the recognized text is to be exported.
ExportParagraphsAsOneLine Boolean Specifies whether each paragraph in the recognized text is to be exported as one line.
InsertEmptyLineBetweenParagraphs Boolean Specifies if an empty line should be inserted between paragraphs.
EncodingType TextEncodingTypeEnum

This property specifies the encoding type of the output file in TXT format.

Note. If this property is set to a value different from TET_Simple, the CodePage property is ignored during export.

KeepOriginalHeadersFooters Boolean If this property is set to TRUE, original headers and footers will be preserved in the output file.
UsePageBreaks Boolean Specifies whether page break symbols (0x12) must be inserted between pages when multiple pages are exported into TXT format.

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