RTFSynthesisModeEnum (Web Services API)

RTFSynthesisModeEnum enumeration constants are used to set the modes of RTF, DOC, DOCX file synthesis from the recognized text when exporting to RTF, DOC, DOCX format.

enum RTFSynthesisModeEnum {

Name Description
RSM_PlainText Unlike the RSM_FormattedText mode, this mode does not retain formatting.

Retains fonts, font sizes, and paragraphs, but does not retain the exact locations of the objects on the page or the spacing. The resulting text will be left-aligned. (Right-to-left texts will be right-aligned).

Note. Vertical texts will be changed to horizontal in this mode.

RSM_EditableCopy Produces a document that nearly preserves the original format and text flow but allows easy editing.
RSM_ExactCopy Produces a document that maintains the formatting of the original. This mode allows you to get the document where the position of blocks on the image is preserved. This option is recommended for documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets. Note, however, that this option limits the ability to change the text and formatting of the output document.
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