RecognitionQualitySettingEnum (COM-based API)

RecognitionQualitySettingEnum enumeration constants are used to set the recognition mode.

enum RecognitionQualitySettingEnum {
    RQS_Thorough = 0,
    RQS_Balanced = 1,
    RQS_Fast = 2

Name Description
RQS_Thorough The recognition will run in full mode which is optimized for quality.
RQS_Balanced The recognition will run in balanced mode (an intermediate mode between full and fast modes, which specify with the help of the RQS_Thorough and RQS_Fast constants).
RQS_Fast The recognition will run in fast mode which provides 2-2.5 times faster recognition speed at the cost of a moderately increased error rate (1.5-2 times more errors). On good print quality texts, ABBYY FineReader Server makes an average of 1-2 errors per page, and such moderate increase in error rate can be easily tolerated in many cases, such as full text indexing with "fuzzy" searches, preliminary recognition, etc.
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