RecognitionParams Object (COM-based API)

This object allows you to tune the recognition parameters.

Name Type Description
Languages StringsCollection, read-only Specifies a collection of recognition languages. Elements of this collection must be internal names from the first column of the table of the ABBYY FineReader Server recognition languages. The default value is "English".
LookForBarcodes Boolean Specifies whether barcodes must be recognized. The default value is TRUE.
ProhibitHiddenTextDetection Boolean This attribute is set to TRUE by default, in which case text on pictures in input files will not be recognized. If it is set to FALSE, the program will recognize text in picture areas and create a text layer for these areas in the output document.
ProhibitPictureDetection Boolean Prohibits picture area detection. The default value is FALSE.
ProhibitTableDetection Boolean Prohibits table area detection. The default value is FALSE.
RecognitionMode RecognitionModeEnum Specifies the recognition mode. The default value is RM_FullPage.
RecognitionQuality RecognitionQualitySettingEnum Specifies the mode which optimizes recognition for quality or speed. The default value is RQS_Thorough, which corresponds to full mode.
TextExtractionMode Boolean Text area detection mode. Tables and images will not be extracted.
TextTypes Long The value of this property is an OR superposition of the TextTypeEnum. The value of this property must not be an empty set. The default value is TT_Normal, which corresponds to common typographic text.
VerificationMode VerificationModeEnum Controls the verification parameters.
VerificationModeThreshold Double Specifies the verification threshold, i.e. the maximum percentage of low-confidence characters. If this percentage is exceeded for a document, the document will be submitted to the verification stage.
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See sample: Samples.

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