Working with Properties (Web Services API)

The Web Services API objects have various properties and methods. There are some important things to remember when working with object properties in the Web Services API. When using SOAP through the object model of VisualStudio only a wrapper for an object is created on the client side, i.e. a class is created which has only data fields. This class itself cannot verify data integrity, so data integrity will only be verified when processing the request on the Web server. Also, data fields on default are at the discretion of compiler. First, a wrapper for the object is created which has no error indication, then it is sent to the server with the request, and only after that an error message can be received in the server response. Therefore you need to set all the property fields of the objects instead of relying on the default values of these properties.

The Web Services API properties may be of the following types:

Type C# type
Boolean bool (with two values true and false)
Integer int
String string
Byte Array byte[]
Enumeration enum

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