Working with Properties (COM-based API)

The interfaces of COM-based API objects have various properties and methods. Visual Basic users will be familiar with the notion of property, therefore the text below explains how the properties are handled in C++.

For a C++ user, a property is a pair of methods (get and put for read-write properties) or a single get method (for read-only properties). However, the "Native COM support" in Microsoft Visual C++ makes the handling of properties more like in Visual Basic.

The Open API properties may be of the following types:

Visual Basic type C++ type
Boolean (with two values, True and False) VARIANT_BOOL (with two values VARIANT_TRUE and VARIANT_FALSE)
Long long
Double double
String BSTR, a pointer to Unicode string. Zero value specifies an empty string.
Byte byte
Object IUnknown - derived interface

See the details of working with different types of properties below:

Working with simple properties

Working with string properties

Working with object properties

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