PreprocessingParams Object (Web Services API)

This object specifies how an image will be preprocessed before analysis and recognition.


Name Type Description
ConvertToBWFormat Boolean

Specifies if the image must be converted to black and white during preprocessing.

Note. If this property is set to TRUE, the speed of recognition will increase, but the quality will decrease.

CorrectResolution Boolean Specifies if the image resolution must be corrected.
Deskew Boolean Specifies if the skew angle for an image must be corrected during preprocessing. This mode is recommended if you want to automatically correct skew for images you work with.
DiscardJobWithDocumentsWithDigitalSignature Boolean Specifies if jobs containing digitally signed PDFs must be discarded.
PdfMode PdfModeEnum PDF processing mode.
RemoveGarbage Boolean Specifies if garbage (excess dots that are smaller than a certain size) must be removed from the image during preprocessing.
RemoveTexture Boolean Specifies if background noise must be cleared before the recognition process starts.
RotationType RotationTypeEnum Specifies what type of rotation will be performed upon the image during preprocessing.
SplitDualPages Boolean Specifies if the dual pages must be split during preprocessing.
StraightenLines Boolean Specifies if lines must be straightened.
DontModifyDocumentsWithDigitalSignature Boolean True if PDF with digital signatures must not be modified.
KeepAnnotationsInPdf Boolean True if comments, notes, etc. must be preserved in PDF documents.
See also

XmlTicket::PreprocessingParams, XmlResult::PreprocessingParams

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