PPTXExportSettings Object (COM-based API)

This object provides functionality for configuring the export of recognized text to PPTX format.

The PPTXExportSettings object is a child object of the OutputFormatSettings object and inherits all its properties.

Name Type Description
KeepLines Boolean Retains the original arrangement of text lines. If this option is not selected, the output document will contain all of the text written in one line.
WrapTextInBlock Boolean Decreases the font size of text if the text does not fit into a text block.
KeepRunningTitles Boolean Preserves the headers and footers in the output document.
KeepPictures Boolean Specifies whether pictures are to be written into the output PPTX file. The format in which pictures are saved in the output file is selected automatically based on the following picture properties: Color Type (black and white, grayscale or color), Color Variety (low or high), and AllowLossQuality.
AllowLossQuality Boolean Specifies whether pictures are to be saved in a lossy compression format.
PictureResolution Integer Specifies picture resolution (in dpi) to be used for export. The value of -1 means that the original resolution must be preserved.
Quality Integer Specifies the quality in percent. This value is ignored if AllowLossQuality is set to true.
ColorControlType PictureColorControlTypeEnum Specifies a color mode for output PPTX files. The following color modes are available: Auto, ColorToBwBinary, ColorToGray, and SaveColoration.

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