PDFSignatureSettings Object (Web Services API)

This object contains the signature parameters of a PDF file.

Name Type Description
FailIfCantSign Boolean Specifies whether the document should fail if something is wrong with its signature.
Reason String The reason for signing the document.
Location String The location where the document was signed.
ContactInfo String The signer's contact information.
Name String The signer's name.
TimeStampServer String The time stamp server address.
CertificateThumbprint String The thumbprint of the signature certificate.
SignaturePage DigitalSignaturePage The page where the digital signature stamp will be placed.
TextVisible Boolean TRUE if text must be displayed on the signature stamp.
ImageFile String The name of the image file in the internal server directory.
ImageAlpha Byte The opacity for an image added to the digital signature. 0 means fully transparent, 255 means totally opaque.
FrameColor ColorSettings Frame color.
BackgroundColor ColorSettings Background color.
SignStampUnits PageStampMarginUnits Signature size units.
Width Double Signature stamp width.
Height Double Signature stamp height.
HorizontalAlignment PageStampHorizontalAlignment Horizontal alignment.
VerticalAlignment PageStampVerticalAlignment Vertical alignment.
Margins PageStampMarginSettings Signature margins.

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