PDFExportModeEnum (COM-based API)

PDFExportModeEnum enumeration constants are used to set the mode of export into PDF format.

enum PDFExportModeEnum {
    PEM_TextAndPictures = 0,
    PEM_TextOnImage = 1,
    PEM_ImageOnText = 2,
    PEM_ImageOnly = 3

Name Description
PEM_TextOnImage The entire image is saved as a picture. Text areas are saved as text over the image.

The recognized text is saved as text, and the pictures are saved as pictures. The original document design (font, background, and layout marking) is not retained.

Note. In the ABBYY Recognition Server 4 COM-based API the PEM_TextOnly element was used for the same purpose.

PEM_ImageOnText The entire image is saved as a picture. The recognized text is put under it. This option is useful if you export your text to document archives: the full page layout is retained and the full-text search is available if you save in this mode.
PEM_ImageOnly The entire image is saved as a picture. The recognized text and layout information are not used in this mode, so the recognition stage may be skipped.
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