LicenseInfo Object (Web Services API)

This object contains information about a license.

Name Type Description
Id String Identifier. (Note: This is not the serial number).
Type LicenseType License type.
State LicenseState License state.
CanExpire Boolean Determines whether a license is time-restricted.
ExpirationDate DateTime The date and time (UTC) when the license will expire (for time-restricted licenses).
Features LicenseFeatures A list of available modules.
CustomFeatures String[ ] A list of available additional  modules.
MaxCoreCount LicenseLimit Maximum number of CPU cores allowed.
MaxProcessingStationCount LicenseLimit Maximum number of Processing Stations allowed.
MaxVerificationStationCount LicenseLimit Maximum number of Verification Stations allowed.
MaxIndexingStationCount LicenseLimit Maximum number of Indexing Stations allowed.
MaxScanningStationCount LicenseLimit Maximum number of Scanning Stations allowed.
PageCounter LicensePageCounter Page counter for texts printed in regular fonts.
GothicPageCounter LicensePageCounter Page counter for texts printed in Gothic fonts.

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