LicenseFeatures (Web Services API)

LicenseFeatures enumeration contains information about the licensed modules.

enum LicenseFeatures {

Name Description
Language_Arabic  Support for Arabic.
Language_Cjk  Support for CJK languages.
Language_Gothic  Support for Gothic fonts.
Language_Hebrew  Support for Hebrew.
Language_Thai  Support for Thai.
Language_Vietnamese  Support for Vietnamese.
Format_InternalFineReader  Support for the internal FineReader format.
Format_Xml  Support for XML.
ExportTo_SharePoint  Support for export to SharePoint.
Support_Gsa  Support for the Google Search Appliance*.
Support_IFilter  Support for Microsoft IFilter.
Support_ISISDrivers  Support for ISIS scanner drivers.
Support_OpenAPI  Support for the Open API.

* Starting from ABBYY FineReader Server 14 R2, the Google Search Appliance will no longer be supported, as Google has discontinued its sales and support of the GSA.

26.03.2024 13:49:49

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