Recognition Languages

Below is the list of internal names of the recognition languages that are supported in ABBYY FineReader Server 14. Availability of a recognition language depends on whether you have the corresponding modules installed. ABBYY FineReader Server provides its own system dictionaries for the languages that have built-in dictionary support.

The Languages property of the RecognitionParams object specifies a collection of recognition languages. Elements of this collection must be internal names from the first column.

Internal name Recognition language Full dictionary support available
Abkhaz Abkhaz
Adyghe Adyghe
Afrikaans Afrikaans
Agul Agul
Albanian Albanian
Altaic Altaic
Arabic Arabic +
ArmenianEastern Armenian (Eastern) +
ArmenianGrabar Armenian (Grabar) +
ArmenianWestern Armenian (Western) +
Awar Avar
Aymara Aymara
AzeriCyrillic Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)
AzeriLatin Azerbaijani (Latin)
Bangla Bengali
Bashkir Bashkir +
Basque Basque
Belarusian Belarussian
Bemba Bemba
Blackfoot Blackfoot
Breton Breton
Bugotu Bugotu
Bulgarian Bulgarian +
Buryat Buryat
Catalan Catalan +
Chamorro Chamorro
Chechen Chechen
ChinesePRC* Chinese Simplified
ChineseTaiwan* Chinese Traditional
Chukcha Chukchee
Chuvash Chuvash
Corsican Corsican
CrimeanTatar Crimean Tatar
Croatian Croatian +
Crow Crow
Czech Czech +
Danish Danish +
Dargwa Dargwa
Dungan Dungan
Dutch Dutch (Netherlands) +
DutchBelgian Dutch (Belgium) +
English English +
TranscriptionEnglish English phonetic transcriptions
EskimoCyrillic Eskimo (Cyrillic)
EskimoLatin Eskimo (Latin)
Esperanto Esperanto
Estonian Estonian +
Even Even
Evenki Evenki
Faeroese Faeroese
Fijian Fijian
Finnish Finnish +
French French +
Frisian Frisian
Friulian Friulian
GaelicScottish Scottish Gaelic
Gagauz Gagauz
Galician Galician
Ganda Ganda
German German +
GermanNewSpelling German (new spelling) +
GermanLuxembourg German (Luxembourg)
Greek Greek +
Guarani Guarani
Hani Hani
Hausa Hausa
Hawaiian Hawaiian
Hebrew Hebrew +
Hungarian Hungarian +
Icelandic Icelandic
Ido Ido
Indonesian Indonesian +
Ingush Ingush
Interlingua Interlingua
Irish Irish
Italian Italian +
Japanese* Japanese
Kabardian Kabardian
Kalmyk Kalmyk
KarachayBalkar Karachay-Balkar
Karakalpak Karakalpak
Kasub Kasub
Kawa Kawa
Kazakh Kazakh
Khakas Khakas
Khanty Khanty
Kikuyu Kikuyu
Kirgiz Kirghiz
Kongo Kongo
Korean* Korean
KoreanHangul* Korean (Hangul)
Koryak Koryak
Kpelle Kpelle
Kumyk Kumyk
Kurdish Kurdish
Lak Lak
Lappish Sami (Lappish)
Latin Latin
Latvian Latvian +
LatvianGothic Latvian Gothic
Lezgin Lezgi
Lithuanian Lithuanian +
Luba Luba
Macedonian Macedonian
Malagasy Malagasy
Malay Malay (Malaysian)
Malinke Malinke
Maltese Maltese
Mansi Mansi
Maori Maori
Mari Mari
Maya Maya
Miao Miao
Minankabaw Minangkabau
Mohawk Mohawk
Moldavian Moldavian (Latin)
Mongol Mongol
Mordvin Mordvin
Nahuatl Nahuatl
Nenets Nenets
Nivkh Nivkh
Nogay Nogay
Norwegian NorwegianNynorsk + NorwegianBokmal +
NorwegianBokmal Norwegian (Bokmal) +
NorwegianNynorsk Norwegian (Nynorsk) +
Digits Numbers
Nyanja Nyanja
Occidental Occidental
Ojibway Ojibway
OldEnglish Old English +
OldFrench Old French +
OldGerman Old German +
OldItalian Old Italian +
OldSpanish Old Spanish +
Ossetic Ossetian
Papiamento Papiamento
PidginEnglish Tok Pisin
Pinyin Pinyin
Polish Polish +
PortugueseBrazilian Portuguese (Brazil) +
PortugueseStandard Portuguese (Portugal) +
Provencal Occitan
Quechua Quechua
RhaetoRomanic Rhaeto-Romanic
Romanian Romanian +
Romany Romany
Ruanda Rwanda
Rundi Rundi
RussianOldSpelling Russian (old spelling)
Russian Russian +
Samoan Samoan
Selkup Selkup
SerbianCyrillic Serbian (Cyrillic)
SerbianLatin Serbian (Latin)
Shona Shona
Sioux Sioux (Dakota)
Slovak Slovak +
Slovenian Slovenian +
Somali Somali
Sorbian Sorbian
Sotho Sotho
Spanish Spanish +
Sunda Sunda
Swahili Swahili
Swazi Swazi
Swedish Swedish +
Tabassaran Tabassaran
Tagalog Tagalog
Tahitian Tahitian
Tajik Tajik
Tatar Tatar +
Thai Thai
Tinpo Jingpo
Tongan Tongan
Tswana Tswana
Tun Tun
Turkish Turkish +
Turkmen Turkmen
Tuvin Tuvinian
Udmurt Udmurt
UighurCyrillic Uighur (Cyrillic)
UighurLatin Uighur (Latin)
Ukrainian Ukrainian +
UzbekCyrillic Uzbek (Cyrillic)
UzbekLatin Uzbek (Latin)
Vietnamese Vietnamese +
Visayan Cebuano
Welsh Welsh
Wolof Wolof
Xhosa Xhosa
Yakut Yakut
Yiddish Yiddish
Zapotec Zapotec
Zulu Zulu
Basic Basic programming language
C++ C/C++ programming language
Cobol Cobol programming language
Fortran Fortran programming language
Java Java programming language
Pascal Pascal programming language
Chemistry Simple chemical formulas
E13B For MICR (E-13B) text type
CMC7 For MICR CMC-7 text type
Digits Numbers

* — When exporting texts in hieroglyphic languages to PDF, ABBYY FineReader Server uses the following fonts:

  • PMingLiU and MingLiU for Chinese Traditional,
  • SimSun for Chinese Simplified,
  • MS Mincho and MS PMincho for Japanese,
  • Batang and BatangChe for Korean.

To be able to export texts in East Asian languages to PDF, you must have these fonts installed in Windows OS on all computers which are used as Processing Stations. In Asian versions of Windows these fonts are installed by default. In other versions of Windows you can install them by enabling the "Install files for East Asian languages" option in the Languages tab (Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages).

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