JobStateEnum (Web Services API)

JobStateEnum enumeration constants are used to specify the state of the job.

enum JobStateEnum {
} ;

Name Description
JS_NoSuchJob There is no job with specified ID.
JS_Waiting The job is waiting to be processed.
JS_Paused The job is in the Paused state if corresponding workflow was stopped based on a schedule.
JS_Processing The job is being processed.
JS_Verification One or several pages of the job are being verified.
JS_VerificationWait All pages of the job are waiting to be verified.
JS_Indexing Document of the job is being indexed.
JS_IndexingWait Document of the job is waiting to be indexed.
JS_Processed The job has been processed, but has not yet been published.
JS_ProcessedPaused The job cannot be published.
JS_Publishing The job is being published.
JS_Complete The job is completed.
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