GetWorkflowLanguages Method of ServerManager Object (Web Services API)

This method returns a list of languages available for recognition on the server with the specified location. In addition to the default languages, the list will also contain user-specified languages that have been set up in the workflow.

C# Syntax

Language[] GetLanguages(
 string serverLocation,
   string workflowName,
   string locale



This parameter contains the DNS name of the server or its IP address.


This parameter contains the workflow name. The workflow name must be an element of the list returned by the WebService::GetWorkflows method for the same server.


The locale (for example, IETF's BCP 47 language tag — "en-US", "de-DE", "ru-RU", etc.) determines the interface language used to return the recognition language names. This is an optional parameter — you can either pass null or an empty string. In this case the server locale will be used.

Return Value

An array of Language objects representing the recognition languages available on the server with the specified location (serverLocation). The DisplayName property of these objects contains the language names for the specified locale.

See also

ServerManager, Language.

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