GetJobLog Method of ServerManager Object (Web Services API)

This method returns the portion of the job log records that match the filter settings from the server with the specified location.

C# Syntax

JobLog GetJobLog(
 string serverLocation,
 int top,
 long skip,
 JobLogFilter filter,
 string locale



Contains the DNS name of the server or its IP address.


Specifies how many records should be returned (starting with the most recent one).


Specifies how many records should be omitted (starting with the most recent one).


The job log filter. If set to null, no filter will be applied.


An IETF BCP 47 language tag (e.g. "en-US", "de-DE", or "ru-RU"). Determines the UI language for the strings in the Messages array. If set to null or left empty, the server locale will be used.

Return Value

An object of JobLog type.

Note. By default, all the fields of returned objects that may contain confidential information (e.g. file names or user names) will contain null. To change this, use the fineReaderServerWebService.jobLog.stripSensitiveData option in the Web.config file. The default location for this file is INSTALLDIR\FineReaderServerWS.

Note. By default, the top parameter cannot be set to a value greater than 100 (in order to minimize the server load). To retrieve more records, use several requests with desired skip values and a fixed filter.Untilld value (for more information, see GET /api/server/jobLog). Alternatively, use the fineReaderServerWebService.jobLog.maxRecordsPerRequest option in the Web.config file (avoid specifying a very large value for this option, as this will slow down the retrieval process). The default location for this file is INSTALLDIR\FineReaderServerWS.

See also

ServerManager, JobLog.

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