Job life times

The COM-based API and the Web Services API will delete requests and files after a certain period of time. The following three life times can be specified:

  • NotProcessedRequestLifetimeSeconds
    This is the life time for a job that has been submitted for processing but has not yet been processed. This life time starts when the job has been submitted by the API (and not when it has been accepted by the server). The default value is “86400” (i.e. 24 hours).
  • ProcessedRequestLifetimeSeconds
    This is the life time for a job that has been processed but whose results have never been fetched by the client. This lifetime starts when the API becomes aware of the results (and not when the server has completed processing the job). The default value is “86400” (i.e. 24 hours).
  • FetchedRequestLifetimeSeconds
    This is the life time for a job that has been processed and whose results have been fetched by the client at least once. This lifetime starts each time the results job are fetched by the client. The default value is “3600” (i.e. 1 hour). If the client fetches the results at shorter intervals than specified in FetchedRequestLifetimeSeconds, the job will never be deleted.

The above life times can be specified in the Windows registry of the machine where the Server Manager is installed:


  • "NotProcessedRequestLifetimeSeconds"="86400"
  • "ProcessedRequestLifetimeSeconds"="86400"
  • "FetchedRequestLifetimeSeconds"="3600"

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