CSVExportSettings Object (COM-based API)

This object provides functionality for configuring the export of recognized text to CSV format. The ICSVExportSettings interface is a child object of the IOutputFormatSettings interface and inherits all its properties. It is an element of the OutputFormatSettingsCollection collection.

Name Type Description
CodePage CodePageEnum This property specifies the code page to which the recognized text is to be exported. The default value is CP_Null.
EncodingType TextEncodingTypeEnum

This property specifies the encoding type of the output file in CSV format. The default value is TET_Simple.

Note. If this property is set to a value different from TET_Simple, the CodePage property ise ignored during export.

IgnoreTextOutsideTables Boolean If this property is set to TRUE, only text from table blocks is exported into CSV format. The default value is FALSE.
TabSeparator String Stores the character with which the table separators are to be replaced in the exported text. The string accessed through this property must contain only one character from the ASCII character set. The default value is "TAB" character ('\t' in C/C++ or vbTab in Visual Basic).
UsePageBreaks Boolean Specifies if page break symbols (0x12) must be inserted between pages if pages are to be exported into CSV format. The default value is FALSE.

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