GetJobStates Method of Client Object (COM-based API)

This method allows you to get information about the current state of multiple jobs at once in asynchronous mode. It is identical to the GetJobState method, but for multiple jobs at once.

Visual Basic Syntax

Method GetJobStates(
   JobIds As StringsCollection
) As JobStateInfos

C++ Syntax

HRESULT GetJobStates(
    IStringsCollection* JobIds,
    IJobStateInfos** Result



[in] A list of ID's of the specified jobs.


[out] A pointer to an IJobStateInfos* pointer variable that receives the interface pointer of the JobStateInfos object. The number and order of the elements in the output collection will be the same as in JobIds.

Note. If you are deleting multiple jobs simultaneously, using this method might help reduce the server load. However, using a very large job ID list is not recommended for this method. For example, if you need to delete 100 jobs simultaneously, it might be better to have 10 calls with 10 jobs in each.

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