Add Method (COM-based API)

This method adds a new element at the end of the collection.

Visual Basic Syntax

Method Add(
   item As <CollectionType>

C++ Syntax

    <CollectionType> item



[in] This parameter contains the newly added element. Its type depends on the type of collection and is described in the following table:

Collection type Element type (Visual basic/C++)
DocumentAttributes DocumentAttribute/IDocumentAttribute*
DocumentTypes DocumentType/IDocumentType*
IndexingFields IndexingField/IIndexingField*
InputFiles InputFile/IInputFile*
OutputFormatSettingsCollection OutputFormatSettings/IOutputFormatSettings*
StringsCollection String/BSTR
Return Values

This method has no specific return values. It returns standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Server COM-based API functions.

See also

Working with Collections.

See sample: Samples.

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