Verifying and correcting recognized data

Verification is the process during which recognition accuracy, assembly of pages into documents (for multi-page documents), matching of field values to the specified format (date, time, etc.) and compliance with certain rules (dependencies between the values of different fields) are checked. Verification is performed in the Web-Capture station after the batch is recognized in ABBYY FlexiCapture server.

When creating a Document Definition, the assembly rule is specified which defines the pages order and the number of their recurrence. A check based on the values of key fields can also be enabled: in this case the values of key fields must be identical on all pages of the document. Assembling pages into documents is done automatically during recognition. If during the automatic assembly, some errors occurred, they must be corrected at verification.

If the program is not sure about recognition accuracy of some characters, such characters are marked as uncertainly recognized. The verification process is needed to check such characters to be sure that they are recognized correctly or correct them, if necessary. It is also necessary to check fields with rule errors (e.g., the sum of recognized values does not coincide with the value of the resultant field) and format error (e.g., the recognized value is not a date).

After the batch is recognized on the server, it becomes available for selection on the pane that displays the batches on the main page of the station. It is also placed in the queue of batches awaiting verification. To start verification, you can either select a particular batch following the hyperlink with its name in the list or click the Verify batch button.

Verification usually starts with correcting documents assembly errors on the thumbnails panel, then recognition and documents filling errors are corrected in the document editor and on the data form.

Tip. To speed up the process, a Verification Operator may use hot keys. You can view a list of verification hot keys ( Hot Keys) in the drop-down Help menu located in the upper right corner.

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