Correcting recognition and document filling errors

The document editor allows you to check the recognition accuracy and correct wrongly recognized characters, as well as to correct and add data missed when filling the document.

In the simplest case, the process of correcting errors looks like this:

  1. Click to go to the next error.
  2. Check the field value and correct it if necessary.
  3. Click the Enter. The station will go to the next field that needs checking.
    Note: You can use the Tab button to navigate the fields on the data form.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until all fields are corrected.
  5. If there is a field that was not matched, select its region. Depending on the settings specified in the Document Definition, the field value will be either added from cache or you will need to re-recognize the region on the server.
  6. Check the rules on the server clicking the Check Rules button. If rule errors are found, correct them.

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