Installing the ABBYY Scanning Plugin

The ABBYY Scanning Plugin is a plugin designed for scanning documents on web stations. It also lets you upload the source PDF file to the server in order to use its text layer. Please note that this feature can only be enabled in the batch type settings and cannot be enabled or disabled on the web station itself.

When you log in to the web station for the very first time, the Install Scanning Plugin page is displayed. Click the Download plugin link. If a window pops up asking you to confirm the installation, click the Install button in that window to continue with the installation. The administrator can install the scanning plugin for all system users. This allows the administrators to set up shared work stations that can be used by different operators at different times. This means that operators will be able to begin using a station immediately without having to install the scanning plugin themselves.

Important! The plugin does not support concurrent use by different operators. If different operators use the same machine, each one has to sign out from the system once he or she is finished. Otherwise, other users may encounter problems when trying to scan documents. For more information, see Troubleshooting the scanning plugin.

You can also download the plugin file into your computer and install it later. Remember, however, that you need to install the ABBYY Scanning Plugin to be able to use the web station.

If your computer runs Windows with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, the operating system will ask you for permission to make the changes. Click Yes to sanction the changes. If User Account Control is enabled but you do not have the administrator permissions, you will need to confirm the permission to make the changes by entering the name and password of the administrator account followed by clicking the Yes button. Please contact your FlexiCapture administrator for these credentials.

Wait for the installation to complete and click Continue in the Install Scanning Plugin page.

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