Batch type properties

Important! This functionality is available only to an Administrator.

Batch types are created in the Project Setup Station. You can create one or several batch types for each project. Web Station allows you only to adjust existing batch types, creating new batches in the Web Station is not possible.

Batch type properties specified in the Project Setup Station concern batch processing in the server. Properties specified in the Web Capture Station concern scanning, document creation and sending batches to the server.

The Administrator is allowed to edit batch type settings and save new settings on the server. Web Capture Operators will be able to use these settings in their work. In this case, operators don't need to create and configure batch types by themselves, which helps to avoid errors.

To edit settings for a batch type, select it in the Batch Type field in the Batches view and click the Batch Type Settings button. The station will open the Batch Type Settings dialog box.

Batch type properties are divided in groups, each of those is displayed on a separate tab of the Batch Type Settings. Each tab contains the following selection field:

  • Return to Defaults
    Clicking this button resets all modified settings to default values.
  • Forbid changes by operator - if this field is filled, Operators will not be able to modify batch properties specified on this tab. If it is necessary to provide this possibility to Operators, clear the field.

Below each tab and the settings that can be specified on it are described in more detail.






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