Correcting document assembly errors

Document assembly is performed automatically at the recognition stage. If any errors occur during the automatic assembly, they must be corrected at the verification stage. To determine whether the document is assembled correctly, the order of pages and the number of their occurrences in the document is checked. Besides, the values of the key fields can be used to check the correctness of document assembly: the values of the key fields must be identical on all the pages of the document. Document assembly errors are corrected in the batch view (in the left-hand pane) and in the document image view (in the central pane). The pages of each document are arranged top to bottom. If a key field is specified for a page, its value is displayed under the page. For each document, a list of errors is displayed. Each type of error has its own icon, with the number of errors of the given type shown next to the icon:

  • - document assembly error
  • / - single-field / multifield rule error
  • / - single-field / multifield rule warning, or the document has non-matched fields

If any errors occur when processing documents, the text of the error messages will be shown above the page thumbnails in the batch editor.

If a document contains a page recognized with low confidence, the name of the page and the name of the document will be marked in red. The program will also display an assembly error for the document. To confirm one low-confidence page, right-click the page and then click Confirm Page Section on the shortcut menu. To confirm all low-confidence pages, right-click the document and then click Confirm Document Definition on the shortcut menu.

If a multipage document is recognized as a collection of documents or the wrong section is selected for some pages, this means that the wrong Document Definition has been selected. To fix the error, you need to group the faulty pages into one section:

  1. Gather all the pages into one document, arranging them in the right order.
  2. Select the pages that belong to the same section.
  3. Right-click the selection and then click Group into Section on the shortcut menu.

The grouped pages will now be recognized as a multipage document.

You can change the image scale for a selected page on the document image panel by scrolling the mouse wheel. Hovering the mouse pointer over the pane, hold down the Ctrl key, and scroll the mouse wheel. Scrolling the mouse wheel without holding down the Ctrl key will move the image vertically. From the shortcut menu of the pane, you can choose to view the image of the current page in color or switch to displaying all pages in color.

By default, pages are displayed in black and white. If necessary, enable the color mode by selecting the respective option in the document image pane.

To correct document assembly errors, use the toolbar buttons described below.

Tools for working with documents

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