Configuring Scripts

Scripts may be configured for individual batches or for a group of batches of a certain type. For individual batches, scripts are configured on the Scripts tab of the Options dialog box. For a certain batch type, you can add, edit or delete scripts when creating the batch type with the Batch Type Wizard or configure them on the Scripts tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box.

The window displays names of the scripts and the events, that trigger them.

  • To add a new script, click the Add... button.
  • To modify the selected script, click Edit.... The Script Editor will open.
  • Clicking Delete will remove the selected script.
  • Click the Customize Toolbar... button to open the Toolbar Customization window.

Note. The button is grey if there are no scripts in the current batch type.

Added scripts can be run by selecting the Run Script command from the Edit menu. In the Run Script dialog box that will open select a script from the list of scripts available for a given batch type and click OK. You can also run scripts by clicking the corresponding buttons on the Scripts toolbar.

For more information about using script in ABBYY Scanning Station, please refer to Using scripts section.

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