Activating licenses in Azure Blob storage

ABBYY FineReader PDF licenses can be stored in an Azure cloud storage BLOB.

Important! Only licenses of a specific type can be activated and stored in Azure.

Recommendations for setting up Azure

  1. ABBYY FineReader PDF can only work with block Blobs.
    Note. For more information about Azure Blob objects, see the official Microsoft website.
  2. We recommend creating a separate storage account for ABBYY FineReader PDF, so that account settings and credentials are not modified by accident.
  3. During license activation, the licensing server should have access to the appropriate Blob object storage.

Activating a license in an Azure cloud storage Blob

  1. Install the ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager application (for more information, see Installing the License Server and the License Manager).
  2. To the %commonprogramfiles%\ABBYY\FineReader\16\Licensing\NetworkLicenseServer.ini file located on the server, add the following Azure authentication data:

    where account is the name of the Blob cloud storage account, key is the access key, and path is the path to the storage.

    Sample NetworkLicenseServer.ini Azure authentication data:

  3. Restart the ABBYY.Licensing.FineReader.16.0 licensing service on the server where ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager is installed.
  4. Add and activate your licenses in ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager.
    Once a license is successfully activated, it is synchronized with the storage account, and the license is copied to the Blob storage. If synchronization errors occur, use Event Viewer to check the logs.
    Note. If the license was not copied to cloud storage, verify that the server can access the storage and that the credentials specified in NetworkLicenseServer.ini are correct.

Important! Licenses that have already been activated will become unavailable once the storage account access key is updated. These licenses will have to be activated again.

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