ABBYY Screenshot Reader Activation

After you install ABBYY Screenshot Reader, you need to activate the program to be able to run it in full mode. In restricted mode, some of the features will be disabled, depending on your version and region.

Activation takes just a few minutes. An Activation Wizard will help you send the data required to activate your copy to ABBYY, and you will receive an activation code in return.

To activate ABBYY Screenshot Reader:

  1. On the Help menu, click Activate....
  2. Follow the instructions of the Activation Wizard.

    When you choose to activate your copy by phone or e-mail, you will have to enter your activation code or provide the path to the activation file in the corresponding dialog box of the Activation Wizard.

Once you have activated your copy, ABBYY Screenshot Reader will run on this computer in full mode.

More about activation methods

  • Via the Internet
  • Activation is carried out automatically and takes very little time. This activation method requires an active Internet connection.

  • By e-mail
  • The Activation Wizard will create an activation e-mail message. Send this message to the address specified. Do not alter the e-mail message. In reply, you will receive an e-mail message with a file attached. Save this file to the hard disk. In the Activation Wizard, click Next>, then click Browse... and specify the path to the file.

  • On the website
  • The Activation Wizard will display the address of the activation website and the serial number and Product ID of your copy of ABBYY Screenshot Reader (these can be copied to the Clipboard). Direct your browser to the specified website and enter your serial number and Product ID in the corresponding fields. You will receive an file. Save this file to the hard disk. In the Activation Wizard, click Next>, then click Browse... and specify the path to the file.

The Activation Wizard creates a unique Product ID. This parameter is created on the basis of your computer configuration data as of the moment of activation. The parameter does not include any personal information, information about the computer model, installed software, user settings, or stored data. In addition to the Product ID, the serial number, product name and version, and the interface language of ABBYY Screenshot Reader are transferred to the server during activation. This information is required in order to select the appropriate language and content of the activation reply message and will not be used for any other purposes.

You can re–install ABBYY Screenshot Reader on the computer on which it has been activated as often as you wish, without activating it again. The Activation Wizard detects and tolerates changes to your PC configuration. Minor upgrades will not require re–activation. If major upgrades are made to the system (e.g. if you format the hard disk or re-install the operating system), you may need to obtain a new activation code.

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