Verifying document sets

Verifying data captured from a document set

A Verification Operator working with a document set can verify the principal fields of all the documents in the set by reviewing the summary section, which contains links to the original fields. The links in the summary section display the values and regions of the original fields. If an original field contains an error, this error will be visible to the Operator reviewing the summary section. You can open the image and data form of the source document by double-clicking the link, clicking Go to Original Field on its shortcut menu or using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut. Verification becomes more efficient, as Verification Operators will open individual documents only if they notice or suspect errors in the summary section.

Verifying the assembly of a document set

If a Verification Operator receives a document set that has been assembled incorrectly, he/she can manually change the order of pages in a document or add or remove documents. This can be done either by dragging documents with the mouse or using the following commands on the shortcut menu:

  • Create Document – Creates a new document from the selected pages and documents.
  • Merge – Combines the selected documents into one document. The combined documents should be at the same level in the tree and should immediately follow one another.
  • Split – Splits the selected document into separate pages and documents.

Note: When a page is moved to the topmost level in the batch, it is automatically transformed into a document.

Working with document sets in the Document window

You can open any number of documents from a document set. A new tab will be created for each document. The caption of each tab will contain the number of the document in the batch and the name of each applied Document Definition. A name with an asterisk (*) indicates that there are unsaved changes in the document. You can switch between tabs by clicking them, by clicking the and buttons to the left and right of the tabs, or by clicking the button and selecting the desired document from the list.


  • Clicking the button on the toolbar will save changes in all the open documents.
  • If you open several documents from a set and then open a document from a different set, all documents from the old set will be closed.
  • When you open a document from a set, its parent documents will also be opened.

If Document Definition includes a summary section, which displays copies of the principal fields and errors in these fields, you can double-click one of these copies to open its source document.

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