Recognition, analysis, and Document Definition matching

Usually documents are recognized, analyzed, and Document Definitions are applied automatically. However, these operation scan be started manually on the Verification Station and on the Project Setup Station.

To recognize the images, select Recognition → Recognize from the main menu.

To analyze the images, select Recognition → Analyze from the main menu. If a Document Definition matches a document, the page and its document will have the corresponding names. If one of the Document Definitions in the project does not match an image, the page is marked as unknown.

The system also allows you to apply a particular Document Definition to a page or to the entire document. In most cases, a correctly created Document Definition will be matched with its pages automatically, but in some cases this may need to be done manually. To match a Document Definition, select the page or document with which you want to match the Document Definition and then select Recognition → Match Document Definition... from the main menu.

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