Specifying Document Languages

You can recognize both mono- and multilingual documents (e.g. documents written in two languages). For multilingual documents, you need to select several OCR languages.

To specify the OCR language or languages, open the Document Languages drop-down list in the Document pane and select one of the following:

  • Autoselect

Select this item if you want the program to select the appropriate languages from the predefined list of possible languages (you can modify this list in the Language Editor).

  • A language or a combination of languages

The list of languages includes the languages most often used on this computer, as well as English, German, and French.

  • More languages…

Select this option if the language you need is not on the list. In the Language Editor dialog box that opens, select the Specify OCR languages manually option and then check the boxes next to the languages you want to use.

Besides using the predefined languages and language groups, you can create a new recognition language or create a new group of languages and use them for document recognition.

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