Image Enhancement

Images are edited to correct possible image distortions primarily when processing photos of documents (including from mobile devices) and document scans with complex background that impedes recognition and data extraction (for example, certificates, passports, etc.). This stage allows you to improve recognition results for low-quality images.

Images are processed by means of a special panel in the main window of the program. To open the image enhancement panel, take one of the steps below:

  • Click on the image editing tool bar
  • Select Enhance Image in the Page main menu
  • Select Enhance Image in the context menu of a page

Image enhancement panel

Image enhancement panel allows an Operator to create a sequence of editing actions that will be applied to pages one by one from top to bottom.

To edit an image, proceed as follows:

  1. In the batch window, select an image to be processed. It will open in an image window.
  2. Select image editing tools with an on / off toggle to the right from each action on the image enhancement panel.

    Image editing tools

Note. After any editing action you can always restore the original image.

  1. Set the sequence of actions. The sequence may be important in certain cases, for example, when you need to configure brightness and contrast of an image before deleting color elements.
    Some actions have a fixed position, other can be repositioned. To reposition an action, take one of the following steps:
    • Hover you mouse pointer over the vertical ellipsis to the left from the name of the action, click and hold the left mouse button and move the action to a different place
    • Select an action from the list, click and hold Shift and move the action by means of up / down buttons on the keyboard

To apply the changes, click Apply. To discard the changes, click Reset.

If you want editing changes to apply automatically on an image when selecting an action, enable the Auto Apply option. Bear in mind that auto-apply of changes takes some time.

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